List of sources used in the coursework

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Science is structured in such a way that nothing is created from scratch. Each discovery is based on the writings of predecessors.

List of sources used in the coursework

Science is structured in such a way that nothing is created from scratch. Each discovery is based on the writings of predecessors. In academic work, the share of what is personally invented by the author is even less than in other types of research. To prevent a work from being recognized as plagiarism, it is necessary to indicate whose works were used when writing it. You can order work at and be sure that your work will pass any plagiarism checker.

The source list serves other purposes as well:

  • The number of sources allows you to assess how seriously the author approached the writing of the term paper. If he studied 2-3 textbooks, the look will be superficial and one-sided. A coursework usually requires at least 15-20 items in the list of references.
  • The authors and type of publications make it possible to understand how authoritative and reliable information is contained in the course work. Freedom of speech has led to the publication of many unrefereed journals and books in which anyone can write whatever they want (even the "Theory of a flat earth"). The risk of getting unverified (or knowingly false) information on the Internet is especially high. At the same time, there are serious publications that the scientific community trusts.
  • Years of publication give an idea of the relevance of the information.

If the most recent source is from the last century, the work is guaranteed not to reflect the latest trends in the issue in question. Sometimes students are directly forbidden to use sources older than 3-5 years old - this approach is fundamentally wrong, since it excludes the works of the classics from the review (not always regularly reprinted, but therefore does not lose value), and also makes it difficult to describe the historical transformation of views from primary sources. It can be said unambiguously that the laws should be used in the current edition (with the exception of historical analysis). If such situation happened to you, service will be a great choise.

References (footnotes) in the text should be made to the sources mentioned in the list.

Tips on how to quickly write a term paper

Writing a term paper in 1 day is the dream of most students. For some topics, this is impossible in principle (if it is necessary to conduct an experiment, the conditions of which require long-term observation). Some topics require a lot of calculations or constructions, writing a program - all this takes a lot of time. Perhaps, in such a short time, with the proper skill, it is possible to write only a survey term paper of a small volume - such tasks are found in the 1-2 course. You can even order survey from writing service to pass it even faster.

A sample will help to write a term paper on its own, in the role of which a similar work of classmates or previous generations of students can be already handed over. The second time to hand over the same to the teacher is unlikely to succeed, but you can borrow individual fragments or ideas.

Speeds up the writing of term paper using online libraries. It is much faster to copy fragments of text from electronic publications than to photograph sheets of paper books in a library (or even more so to make extracts). If you take care of access to several large online libraries in advance, the choice of literature will be wider than in the library of the institute. This will facilitate the selection of interesting material on the topic. When dealing with regulations, it is best to use proven legal reference systems. Then you will not have to waste time checking the relevance of the version of the law and making corrections to the written chapter, if the legislators have already managed to revise its provisions.

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