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A suitable Custom Leather Watch Strap plays an important role in any watch. A wide variety of watch straps can expand the watch combinations, for the appearance of watches, the watch strap generally brings more visual impact than the watch face, therefore a large number of watch strap combinations will expand your watch collections even if you only have one watch head design. More Watches Manufacturers requires a minimum order quantity of 500 for the watch, but the MOQ for straps is typically 100, so it is often more cost-effective to add more variations of leather watch straps but not a variety of watches.

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Leather is the most commonly used material for watch straps, there are usually three different types of leather material:

Imitation leather- which is not leather from any animal, but is man-made from a plastic base, which means it wears down fairly quickly. The positive thing is that faux fur is an animal-friendly material, moreover, the price is usually lower than other two fur materials.

Genuine Leather- It is much more durable than synthetic leather and is a good choice as the quality is high and the touch is comfortable. Genuine leather normally means the leather of animals such as cow, crocodile, deer, snake, etc. If you are not a watch novice, you must see genuine leather on the inside of the straps.

Full Grain Leather- It is the highest quality leather material, the most durable and the most resistant. It looks the same as genuine leather and it's hard to tell the difference between these two materials, but full grain leather lasts much longer. In fashion, a leather watch strap always complements both casual and formal looks, meaning it goes with everything. The straps come in different colors and designs, it feels free on the skin and does not cause sweat. It is a perfect material to use for wrist watch straps as it has all the necessary properties. Leather Watch Manufacturers has abundant experience in manufacturing many kinds of watches and watch straps. watches factory is the Key point for good wholesale business relations.