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The first impression that attracts many people when buying a watch is the watch face, which is also called the watch dial and is just as important as the person's face.

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People pay more attention to the Watch Face Custom not only because the dial is the largest part of the watch or its main function of telling time, but also related to the overall appearance and material design of the wristwatch.

The dials are made of different materials, each type of different material gives the watch a different look and style, the watch face design can also make the watch for women or for men.

Let's see what are the materials of the watch face. Common basic materials are brass, aluminum and paper, metal, carbon cloth, pearl and enamel, etc.

Brass watch face: The brass material can have another different approach, such as engraving, embossing and sandwich dial, the watch produced by the Luxury Watches Manufacturer Watches5.com, this watch uses a brass dial and combines three dials to make it of sandwich style.

Pearl watch face: The pearl sphere material comes from shellfish, such as abalone and oyster. The Mother Of Pearl Watch Dial Custom is often used for women's watches, because the pearl dial usually has a one-of-a-kind and natural color pattern, the pearl watch stands out for its authenticity and glamour, giving women confidence and effortless poise. Compared to the hardness and durability of brass dials, pearl dials are thin and brittle, which makes them more difficult to process, in addition to 15 different steps and the watchmaker normally needs 4-6 weeks to process. manufacturing time, which makes the pearl dial less productive. , therefore, the price of pearl sphere is high.

Marble watch face: The marble dial is carved from genuine marble, which means that each watch face is unique and one of a kind due to the pattern on it.

Enamel watch face: Enamel spheres must be purely handmade. Enamel is a mixture of glass with a small amount of oxidized metal added to give it a colorful finish. It is extremely complex, with very low fault tolerance and a cumbersome process, which is why enamel watches tend to command an extremely high price.