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GMB NEW FEATURE: Call History now shows live data!

While it has been in beta for a few months, Google has just launched their long-awaited Call History feature (Google my Business) to Google my Business. This feature is extremely useful and gives business owners a detailed history of the number of people who call your business and also allows you to look up a specific contact's history, and then call them back directly - without the need for the use of a specific tool for tracking calls.


How it works

Say you are searching for an Marketing Company Get Guest Post to help with local search engine optimization. Dot The I Creative's profile allows you to perform a quick Google search from your phone. Since DTi has call forwarding setup on our Google My Business account, this information about calls will be tracked and shown in the "Calls" tab of our profile. You can quickly find recent calls and track missed calls using the "Calls tab.


How will I know what calls are coming from my GMB listing and which calls aren't

Customers will be able to connect with your company via an forwarding number, not the number on your profile. In addition, an automated message will appear that states, "Call From Google".


What is the maximum amount of storage for call history information?

The call data will be saved in the "Calls” tab for 45 days following activating the feature for call history. Call history currently only tracks calls to the phone, not text messages.


We love it because of it so much.

Being able to attribute leads through call tracking will allow you to quickly assess the effectiveness of local SEO efforts. In addition, it will help you measure Website the effectiveness of your local SEO efforts. ....

If a customer contacts you and has a great experience with your business then you can send an additional request to leave a Google review directly on their number.

The fact that the call was made through Google My Business and being capable of matching telephone numbers with customers getguestpost can help you get an idea of the level of leads that are coming through and help you track the overall return on investment.

By registering for call tracking, you to view the number of missed calls as well as potential mistakes in listing. Call history information can help you quickly identify the problem if your schedule is not accurate or clear.


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Controlling your Google My Business listing can be time-consuming and take away from your daily routine. DTi is the right partner for you. Our specialists understand what needs to be done and stay up to date with the latest technology and perform the heavy lifting so your business can stay ahead of the competition and in front of your customers!